Bank of Queensland Credit Cards

The Bank of Queensland was first formed in 1874 as the Brisbane Permanent Benefit Building and Investment Society. It was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in 1971. With its great history, the Bank of Queensland now holds branches across all the major capital cities and significant regional centres within Australian.

What's more, it's comprised of three business lines of insurance, finance, and banking. Unlike its competitors, BOQ branches are managed by owner-managers, meaning the locals actually run these branches rather than just using them. The BOQ actively connects with the community by involving them with our products and services. Because of the owner-manager system, BOQ clients are assured of exceptional personal service by a familiar face who knows the ins-and-outs of a given area. Besides which, they also has to follow BOQ's high standards of customer service, which ensures the satisfaction of partners and shareholders as well as the local community's denizens.

The Bank of Queensland offers many different types of credit cards to customers to suit the different lifestyle and financial needs that we all have.

Bank of Queensland offers Visa Credit cards to their clients. A low interest Visa Card is available to those who wish to take advantage of a lower interest rate charging credit card that offers up to 44 days interest free on credit card purchases.

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