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The mecu philosophy centres on a strong belief that synergies exist between social and environmental responsibility and a cooperative approach to banking. mecu believe in the need for a broader measure of progress and common prosperity other than economic growth alone. An example of this can be seen in their ability to align their values with their stakeholders' expectations of sustainable economic wellbeing.

mecu's sustainable approach to banking ensures that the economic, social and environmental performance expectations of stakeholders are met, while also recognising that there is an opportunity to protect, sustain and enhance the financial, human and natural capital that is required to continue developing mecu into the future. mecu accomplishes this in the form of a Sustainability Covenant, to which they are signatories with the Victorian Government through the state environmental regulator, EPA Victoria. The objectives of the Covenant include increasing the efficiency with which mecu uses resources to develop and deliver products and helping to alleviate negative environmental and social impacts through their products.

mecu is Victoria's largest credit union and is owned by its members. Some members save and invest, some borrow and some do both. There are two credit cards offered by mecu. The first is the Low Rate Visa Credit Card, which was awarded best low rate credit card at the AFR Smart Investor Blue Ribbon Awards in 2010. The mecu Low Rate Visa Credit Card offers a competitive interest rate and a low annual fee. The second credit card offered by mecu is the Visa Credit Card, which offers an interest-free period, competitive interest rate and no annual fee. Both credit cards are made from PETG environmentally responsible plastic and both cards allow accessibility worldwide.

Through mecu's sustainable and socially responsible approach to banking, it is one of the most respected banks in Australia and internationally.

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