NAB Credit Cards

The National Australia Bank is Australia's biggest bank. The NAB is part of the National Australia Bank Group and is the world's 28th largest financial institution.

The NAB was founded in 1893 with its headquarters located in Melbourne, Victoria. The NAB has won numerous bank industry awards proclaiming it the 'Bank of the Year' with shareholders enjoying a record $4.3 billion profit in 2006.

Rather than simply meeting the customer’s expectations, NAB aims to exceed them and go beyond just satisfying the client. Its commitment extends to a wide range of interest, stakeholders and has built a strong knowledge of sustainability. NAB is a financial organization featuring almost two thousand branches and service centres across the Australian continent and over forty thousand employees. Its banking operations not only extend across Australia but also for businesses in the US, the UK, New Zealand, and Asia.

The National Australia Bank is also committed to offers fair fees and charges as well as excellent products and services; and has positioned itself specifically to build relationships on the values of helpful advice, guidance, and quality offerings.

It is NAB's goal to deliver satisfactory and sustainable returns to all its shareholders. In the face of an unstable economic climate and the great financial crisis, NAB is a bank you can count on to be stable and secure.

The NAB has teamed with both MasterCard and Visa Credit Cards Credit Cards to provide customers a wide range of credit card products to choose from.

The NAB offers different rewards to credit card customers, frequent flyer points and other benefits with each of the different credit cards it provides.

New to NAB customers can enjoy a Low Balance Transfer across a range of NAB Credit Cards including the NAB Standard Credit Card.

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