St.George Credit Cards

St.George Bank founded in New South Wales in 1937 is the fifth largest bank in Australia. It was originally founded as a building society, called the St.George's Cooperative Building Society and became a bank in 1992.

Over the years, St.George has served over 2.6 million customers in the Australian. In 2008, St.George and Bank SA (its South Australian counterpart) merged with the Westpac Group, which raised its stock and its quality service for the better.

With almost four hundred St.George and Bank SA retail branches and five thousand seven hundred staff, St.George continues to prove itself a leader in the banking field. Especially in light of its specialist financial advice service for businesses, innovative and award-winning products and its exceptional customer service.

With its reputation and strong links with local communities, St.George has proved to be dedicated in satisfying the banking needs of its customers.

The St.George Bank offers a variety of Visa Card and Mastercard credit card products for customers to choose from.

The St.George Vertigo MasterCard offers 13.24% on purchases with up to 55 days interest free on purchases when you pay the closing balance of your statement in full by the due date. The card comes with a $55 annual fee.

A St.George No Annual Fee Credit Card is available for customers who want to have access to credit without paying for it each year. These credit cards are linked to your deposit accounts to make banking easier for you.

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