Suncorp Metway Credit Cards

Suncorp Metway Limited was formed in 1996 after the merger of Suncorp, Metway Bank and the Queensland Industry Development Corporation (QIDC).

The Queensland Government owned both Suncorp and QIDC before the merger, which resulted in the fifth largest financial institution in Australia being created. This merger and amalgamation of the three companies was completed in 1999.

Suncorp offer customers a wide range of Visa credit cards offering a variety of benefits including up to 55 interest free days, low rate for balance transfers and rewards.

Suncorp also offers two different types of credit cards for business. Suncorp Clear Options Business and Suncorp Clear Options Corporate cards. The Business cards are designed for smaller operations with less than 50 employees while the Corporate cards are designed for big business. More information on the benefits of these credit cards can be found in our easy to use Tools section.

Suncorp has teamed with American Express and offer a credit card that earns reward points while waiving the annual membership fee for the first year. Loyalty is rewarded with the $70 annual fee waived should you use your Suncorp American Express Gold credit card to make over $9500 worth of purchases.

Learn about the Suncorp Credit Card Rewards Program or read more about Suncorp credit cards here:

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