Virgin Money Credit Cards

Virgin Money is owned by Sir Richard Branson, whose aim was to create a financial services company that appealed to his customers, staff, partners and shareholders. Branson's goal was to create products that focussed on value, affordability and were easy to understand.

The philosophy behind Virgin Money was to create a product that would satisfy customers by giving them the best deal possible. This financial arm of the Virgin Group aims to give Australians the freedom to choose competitive banking options that Branson says will save Australians $10 billion collectively over a span of 10 years.

The Virgin Flyer Credit Card offers a competitive rewards scheme that links with the Velocity frequent flyer loyalty program, giving customers the opportunity to earn points by using their credit card. The credit card can be redeemed at a later date for discounted flights and other benefits. There is also the Virgin No Annual Fee Credit Card, which offers a competitive interest rate per annum and, as its title suggests, no annual fee.

The most highly reviewed Virgin Money card, however, is the Virgin Flyer Credit Card, aimed at accommodating Virgin's most loyal flyers. For those who qualify for the card, they will find themselves privy to discounted flights through Virgin Money's rewards program - Velocity Points - which stands as the award-winning loyalty program of the Virgin sphere. Virgin Flyer cardholders receive velocity points relative to their spending and cardholders may then use their rewards for discounts on domestic and international flights, accommodation, online shopping and more.

Virgin Money cards are accepted globally and through their partnership with Citibank, customers are always able to access information or help if they are in need.

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