Hot Offer Credit Cards*

The products below are the hottest offer credit cards selected by These credit cards generally have the leading rates, fees or value for their respective category, but may also be ranked based on overall features. For example, the annual fee credit card would be a product with a $0 annual fee, however there may be multiple products in the market with a zero dollar fee, so the card listed as the hottest offer has been identified as having a great deal overall in its category*.

Likewise, a low interest credit card product may have the lowest ongoing rate, however it may attract a substantial annual fee which decreases the benefit of that feature. For this reason, there may be a card ranked as the hottest offer low rate credit card but does not actually have the lowest interest rate available in the market*.

* The products on this page are selected from a subset of credit cards for which have access to certain tracking information. The products are not rated against all credit cards available in Australia. Please consider this information when choosing a credit card product.