ANZ - Low Rate MasterCard

Take control of your finances by paying a low interest rate on your everyday purchase

If there is one thing that you need to look for in a credit card, it should be whether the interest rates are reasonable or not. This is especially true if you do not often make a full payment against the credit card bill that you owe. If you will not choose a low interest rate credit card, the interest for the amount that you owe may just pile up.

Great Rates with the ANZ Low Rate MasterCard

Naturally, the highlight of the features of the ANZ Low Rate MasterCard is the low interest rate on the purchases that you will make. These low interest rates also apply to cash advance withdrawals made against the card.

The ANZ Low Rate MasterCard is available through ANZ, which is one of the leading banks in Australia and New Zealand. As compared to the other credit cards that they offer, the Low Rate MasterCard has one of the lowest annual account fees. In addition, you can enjoy up to 55 days as an interest-free period on the purchases that you will make.

Another good thing about this type of card offered by ANZ is that you can add up to three supplementary cards at no additional cost. Whether you only have access to the phone or to the Internet, you can easily access your account information at any time during the day.

You will get all the privileges that a MasterCard holder is entitled to, which includes access to the Global Network, MasterCard Applause, Travel Exclusives, Global Service and SecureCode. Finally, you will be given the option to take advantage of the extra features and programs provided for you as an ANZ client. If you are looking for an excellent card which provides low rates and great benefits at the same time, then the Low Rate MasterCard is definitely the one for you.