Bank MECU Visa Credit Card

The low-interest credit card with no annual fee

In the business of credit cards, the low-cost variants usually come at a price: cards with no annual fees typically have higher interest rates, while low-interest cards have annual fees. The Bank MECU Visa Credit Card bucks this trend by offering low interest and zero annual fees, giving you the best of both worlds.

What's more, the Bank MECU Visa Credit Card provides access to exclusive Visa services like Visa Preferred Seating, which provides you great seats to theatres, concerts and sporting events; and Visa Best Buys, which gives you discounts to a variety of stuff. Best of all, Bank MECU promises that you'd never have to deal with any marketing hype encouraging you to increase your credit limit.

So if the marketing pitch of competitive costs and no marketing have won you over, then apply for a Bank MECU Visa Credit Card today.

Bank MECU Visa Credit Card Features

  • A minimum credit limit of $1,000.
  • A low interest rate of 13.49 per cent p.a. for purchases and cash advances.
  • An annual fee and late payment fee of $0.
  • Bank MECU Low Rate Visa Credit Cards are made from PETG plastic, which are recyclable and of low cost to the environment.
  • As part of its commitment to responsible banking, Bank MECU promises to never offer you unsolicited credit limit increases or any marketing hype to make you use your credit card.
  • You can use your Bank MECU Visa Credit Card to withdraw cash from any ATM in Australia.
  • Access to your account at any time through the internet and telephone.