Myer - Visa Credit Card

Turn bills into bags and petrol into perfume

Seldom will you find a credit card that will give you a voucher booklet that has a total value of more than $200. That is exactly what the Myer Visa Credit Card will give you when you avail yourself of one today. The vouchers will be mailed together with your card directly to your official account address.

Enjoy the following benefits and rewards when you use your Myer Visa Credit Card:

More Interest Free Days

  • The Myer Visa Credit Card has one of the longest interest free periods of all the credit cards on the market - be it personal or business credit card.
  • Enjoy up to 62 interest free days whenever you purchase items using your card. Purchase goods using your cards and pay for it up to a maximum of 62 days after the transaction was made! Other than an interest-free loan from your parents, nothing can beat that!
  • Always pay the total amount due in full and on time to keep enjoying this great feature.

The Excellent Myer one Rewards Program

  • Enjoy great rewards through gift cards from Myer one that you can use in buying items at Myer.
  • You can earn shopping credits worldwide at more than 30 million locations.
  • When you bring your Myer one together with your Myer Visa Credit Card while shopping at Myer, you will earn three Myer one Shopping Credits for every dollar you spend.
  • Myer Shopping Credit is capped at 2000 per month.
  • You will earn one Myer one Shopping Credit for every $1 you spend in other establishments.
  • You can convert 2000 Shopping Credits to a Myer one Gift Card worth $20.
  • Keep on using your card together with your Myer one card at Myers and you will accumulate 2000 points with just $667 worth of purchases.
  • With the $20 gift card you will receive for every 2000 Shopping Credits you accumulate, you earn close to a 3% rebate on your $667 spend!
  • When you earn 2000 points each month equivalent to a $20 gift card - that's $480 in rebates for the full year!

Wide Acceptance

The Myer Visa Credit Card is accepted by more than 30 million establishments worldwide.

The Myer Visa Credit Card has an annual fee of $69. You can easily recover this with a potential $20 worth of gift credits per month that you will receive from Myer. If you love shopping at Myer's, then there's bound to be many items you want to buy using your $20 gift cards, so it's a no-brainer to avail yourself of a Myer Visa Credit Card.