Victoria Teachers Mutual Bank - Visa Credit Card

A low interest rate and no annual fee

When Victoria Teachers Mutual Bank started in 1972, we had 48 customers and $480 in start-up capital. Today, we have more than 87,000 customers and over $1.8 billion in assets.

The founding Members of Victoria Teachers Mutual Bank were educators who wanted to create a better economic life for people working in education, as well as their families. Their goals were to provide superior service, a fair deal, and a strong, secure organisation that puts its customers first.

In more than three decades we have never strayed from our commitment to provide value to our Members and the Education Community. We're the only financial institution in Victoria focusing on people working in education and their families.

After all these years, our organisation might have grown, but our values have stayed the same.

Victoria Teachers Mutual Bank Visa credit card is designed to offer the best value for spending. You're sure to get lower rates based on these features:

  • No annual card fee
  • Relatively low interest rates
  • Interest-free period on credit card purchases
  • 24/7 access to funds through EFTPOS terminals, phone or online banking service
  • Visa card privileges
  • Zero payment for monthly administration