Airline Rewards Credit Cards

Airline rewards credit cards are a great incentive for people who don't use reward points for small household items and who would prefer to fund a holiday with reward points rather than redeem a new camera each year. Often airline rewards credit cards are a specialised form of reward program that focuses on providing discounts for accommodation and flights. When these reward programs are coupled with the insurance benefits of some premium credit cards airline rewards credit cards can become a traveller's best friend.

There are other ways that less specialised cards can still function in a similar way to dedicated airline rewards credit cards. Many reward programs offer a frequent flyer redemption option where you can trade reward points for frequent flyer points. Often this is at a somewhat disadvantageous rate, perhaps 1.5 reward points for each frequent flyer point, but the larger range of possible rewards you can claim makes up for this. Certain people also like the utility of attaching a Fly Buys option to an existing credit account which can earn a reasonable amount of frequent flyer points over time.

If you would like credit cards to help you in your travels, please peruse our selection of high quality airline rewards credit cards.

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