Gold & Platinum Credit Cards

Gold and Platinum credit cards are the crme de la crme of premium credit card usage, providing smart users of credit cards with many benefits that are unavailable on lower end credit cards. Gold and platinum credit cards have a tendency to cost more in every area and will normally include a very limited ability to reduce debt or else no debt reduction features at all. The highest rates and annual fees are most likely to be found on gold and platinum credit cards, but the extra cost is worthwhile.

The reason the rates and fees are so high on gold and platinum credit cards is that they are designed to be most appealing to users who will repay their balances within the interest free period on purchases. In return for the extra charge, users of gold and platinum credit cards will usually be given special benefits. These routinely include travel insurance for the cardholder and the cardholder's family, as well as extra reward points on purchases, purchase insurance, and concierge services. The actual benefits may vary from provider to provider, but those are quite commonly offered.

Gold and platinum credit cards are only available to persons of substantial means, with gold credit cards having more relaxed requirements than platinum credit cards. Especially exclusive credit cards can also have additional requirements, such as a buy in fee or a guarantee of payment each month, so be aware before you apply to avoid unpleasant surprises. If you use your credit cards as lines of credit, then you will likely find gold and platinum credit cards detrimental due to their higher rates. These premium cards are really only suited to financially responsible individuals who use credit cards as a rewarding form of alternative payment.

If you would like to learn more about the incredible credit cards on offer that can help you to live the high life, please look through our selection of gold and platinum credit cards.

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