Interest Free Days Credit Cards

Interest free credit cards come in the form of interest free days on purchases. This is a very common feature of credit cards and possibly the most useful tool in ensuring you can benefit from spending with credit cards. Not only can interest free days on purchases save you money on interest charges for your credit card, it can also be used in conjunction with a redraw facility on a loan to minimise those interest charges, too.

It is important to use interest free credit cards correctly in order to benefit from them. You cannot just use the interest free period as a way of delaying your repayments, as you will need a schedule in order to ensure you repay on time. Interest free days often lead people into debt by causing them to become too lax in repayments. If you want the greatest benefit from interest free credit cards you should only spend within your means to repay within the interest free period and always be sure to pay in time.

It is important to remember that you will receive up to a certain number of interest free days on your purchases, but very rarely will you receive the maximum. Essentially, a billing period begins and so do the interest free days. If you have up to the usual 55 interest free days on purchases and buy something 3 days after the period begins and something else 7 days after, on the eighth day after the interest free period has begun both purchases will have 48 interest free days remaining.

To make the most from interest free credit cards, it can be good to choose premium gold and platinum credit cards so that you can not only pay less interest but also earn reward points and possibly profit from your credit card use. If you are only using your credit card as an easier means of payment you may as well be rewarded for it.

Please feel free to peruse our wide range of interest free credit cards many of which are offering the full complement of up to 55 interest free days on purchases.

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