Reward Program Credit Cards

Reward program credit cards offer an exciting opportunity for those who use credit cards in a responsible manner. Instead of a card with features designed to minimise the accrual of debt, reward program credit cards offer the opportunity to turn a profit on credit card usage as long as you avoid interest altogether. If you use credit cards to extend your finances or prefer cash advances to putting purchases directly on your card, the reward program credit cards are unsuited to your situation. If you just use your credit card to make payments more convenient and always repay within the interest free period, though, you could make your life a lot more comfortable with reward program credit cards.

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The way reward program credit cards generally function is by allowing you to accrue reward points by making purchases at specific stores, making purchases anywhere, or by paying off the balance on your credit card. Often bonus points can be gained by shopping at specific stores, although these will usually be stores that sell luxury items in order to encourage patronage. Once you have gained a significant number of reward points you can redeem them for various products and service, depending on what your reward program offers. Benefits that function without using reward points are mostly found only on gold and platinum credit cards rather than normal reward program credit cards.

The following cards offer Reward Programs:

Reward program credit cards tend to either offer a general reward program or else they will specialise in providing better value in one particular area, while offering a small selection of other options. Generally, a credit card issuer who offers specialised reward program credit cards will also have a generalist reward program credit card for the majority of users. Examples of specialised reward program credit cards are cards which focus on providing extra frequent flyer points as well as cards that offer cash back options along with a smaller product reward range.

Please feel free to browse our selection of premium credit cards if you would like to learn more about specific reward programs or else apply for any in our range of good value reward program credit cards.