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Authority & Government Related Resources

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)
For information on  regulations of national infrastructure services to ensure individuals and business comply with the Commonwealth competition, fair trading and consumer protection laws.

Credit Card Scam (ScamWatch)
Information from the ACCC regarding Credit Card Surcharges.

Credit Code Australia
Information on consumer rights for credit agreements.

Credit Card Blogs, Websites & Financial Resources

Free financial calculators for your website.

eChoice - Home Loans

Finding a home loan can be hard work. It can take many days and hundreds of dollars - and you may still wonder whether you made the right choice.

eChoice uses a unique combination of people and technology that makes borrowing faster and easier, while giving you the personalised help you need. Our site lets you find out all about home loans at your own pace.

When you're ready to get a home loan we use the Internet to connect you with a computer program called ChoiceMatch™. You choose various options, explain your needs and tell us anything else you think we might need to know. Click here to find your new home loan the easy way.

Travis Morien Investment FAQ
Travis Morien Investment FAQ & Financial Planning Services

Gateway Australia
Gateway financial planners provide a full range of financial advisory and implementation services relating to individual, family, business or corporate requirements.

OurFinanceBlogs hunts and exposes quality finance / business blogs in the Australian blogosphere. We are a community portal that publishes articles contributed by a variety of finance authors from seasoned bloggers to budding new writers.

Best Cash Back Credit Cards
Whether you are looking for 5% cash back credit cards, gas credit cards, or grocery rebate credit cards, our forum and message board has reviews and offers for the best reward cards.

Australian Banking Blog is specifically targeted at issues relevant to banks, insurance and financial services generally in Australia.

Dual Income No Kids
Dual Income No Kids is a weblog discussing personal finance for couples.