Credit Cards by Type

There are four main types of Credit Cards available to Australian consumers through banks and building societies.

Mastercard, Visa Card, American Express and Dinners Club credit cards are the big four while Debit Cards are also available to those who wish to have the same purchasing facility with a card but would prefer to use their own savings as opposed to using credit.

The major Australian Banks and financial institutions offer either Mastercard or Visa Cards to their clients with some organizations offering both cards.

Within this section of our web site we will provide information regarding the different types of credit and debit cards:

Please visit the Tools section of our web site to find a full and comprehensive list of all major credit cards available through the Australian banking sector. There is an easy to use comparison chart that enables you to find the best value credit card for the financial needs that you have.

With so many credit card options available there is a card that suits your needs with benefits available for you to take advantage of rather than receive, but never use.