Debit Cards

Debit cards are offered by both Mastercard and Visa to customers who wish to use credit card facilities for items they purchase but with their own cash.

The Debit cards is similar to any other Credit Card (credit card number, ATM/EFTPOS access) but with one major difference.

All purchases you make on your Debit Cards (or Debit Mastercard) are made with funds that you already have. It is just like using your chequebook except there is no cheque to write out when making a purchase with eftpos facilities readily available at all major stores.

The Debit Cards is usually attached to a savings account allowing you to easily transfer funds between accounts.

With more and more people shopping online, debit cards are proving to be a popular bank product as customers make more and more purchases over the internet.

Not everyone has or wants a credit card, preferring instead to spend money that they have rather than go into debt. The Debit Cards is a great alternative for those who wish to enjoy the same benefits of other charge card holders.

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