Visa Credit Cards

The Visa Credit Cards (Visa International Service Association) was first introduced in 1958 by BankAmericard. The company's founder, Dee Hock gave it the term VISA while the Dove hologram seen in the corner of the card was first introduced in the mid 1980s as a security feature.

Visa offer Credit Cards, Debit Cards and Pre Paid Cards to customers who wish to make purchases with a charge card rather than with cash.

Initially, BankAmericard wanted to offer a simple way for Californians to make purchases throughout the region only for the idea to quickly grow and spread not only across the nation but also across international borders.

VISA went international during the 1960s with VISA Cards available in Canada, France and the UK.

VISA offers a wide range of products. The new prepaid cards allow you to choose either a disposable, or reloadable card that already has funds available to use.

As the names suggest, a disposable card would be thrown away once the outstanding balance has been used up while the reloaded card can be topped up with funds again and again.

Visa Classic, Visa Gold, Visa Platinum, Visa Infinite and Visa Debit are just some of the card charging options available to consumers with VISA.

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